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Running Schedules

Zultrans runs a direct overnight and 2 day services between seven branches of Johannesburg, Durban, Richards Bay, Ladysmith, Vryheid, Nelspruit and Newcastle. Our other services include daily runs to Port Shepstone, Pietermaritzburg and Isithebe and a midday run to Richards Bay from Durban.

Zultrans offers complete coverage between our major centres, including 2 of Africa’s biggest ports, 24 hours a day. Our daily and overnight runs, door to door and terminal to terminal keep your business on the move.

Direct Overnight Service Between:

  • Durban and Johannesburg/Pretoria
  • Durban and Richards Bay/Empangeni/Isithebe/Tongaat/Stanger/Ballito
  • Durban and Ladysmith/Newcastle
  • Durban and Vryheid/Piet Retief/Dundee/Glencoe
  • Johannesburg/Pretoria and Richards Bay/Empangeni
  • Johannesburg/Pretoria and Nelspruit
  • Johannesburg/Pretoria and Vryheid/Piet Retief/Dundee/Glencoe
  • Johannesburg/Pretoria and Port Shepstone
  • Johannesburg/Pretoria and Isithebe/Tongaat/Stanger/Ballito
  • Johannesburg/Pretoria and Pietermaritzburg
  • Johannesburg/Pretoria and Ladysmith/Newcastle
  • Johannesburg/Pretoria and Estcourt
  • Richards Bay and Vryheid/Piet Retief
  • Pietermaritzburg to Richards Bay/Isithebe/Tongaat/Stanger/Ballito/Ladysmith/Newcastle/Piet Retief
  • Ladysmith to Johannesburg/Pretoria
  • Vryheid and Johannesburg/Pretoria
  • Newcastle and Johannesburg/Pretoria
  • Piet Retief and Johannesburg/Pretoria

Other services include:

  • Daily runs to Port Shepstone and Isithebe from Durban
  • Midday run to Richards Bay from Durban
  • Two day service between Durban and Nelspruit, and Richards Bay and Nelspruit
  • Two day service between Durban and Colenso/Weenen
  • Two day service between Johannesburg and Colenso/Weenen